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arken boiserie

The elegance of the boiserie

Arken realization

Warm light and bright colors characterize the spaces and welcome the customers though their shopping experience.

Elegant and white boiserie delicately introduces the romantic mood of the store while the wallpaper, created by Arkengraf, highlights its innovative design. The atmosphere immerses our female clientele in a small and chic corner of paradise.

The new store is able to fully meets the needs of a strong woman in constant motion thanks to the wide range of original clothes suitable for every occasion of everyday.


“An excellent achievement” -says Michelucci, owner of the brand- “thanks to the collaboration with Arken team, the idea of the store I wanted to create for my customers was perfectly realized”.


The store is the result of an intense creative process that draws from the careful study of international trends. It was reconsidered and shaped to the needs of the final user according to the Italian taste.




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