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Support a creative project

A bold shopping experience for a young and ambitious brand. An innovative brand for young and dynamic people who love sneakers.

The designer of a store often has to face such question: “Who carries on my project? “. Thanks to its productive flexibility and its latest investments on high machinery performance, Arken can follow closely architectural firms and design studios.

“’I found that the people in this company are professional and listened to me while working in this project for my customer.’”, the designer Vincenzo Del Signore, head office of the Studio “Creazioni DSV”, states. “

The key was to integrate the new product lines of the company with sculptural shop fitting accessories”, he adds.


The store’s furniture can really make a difference in an entrepreneurial project. Our products are versatile to display different commodities and it will strongly influence the end-user purchase, enhancing and adding value to the product being sold. When the designer and the manufacturer work together, they succeed creating a strong and recognizable store resulting in an Urban setting inside the store SNEAKER ADD+. This store features the Cage Line, a vertical system with a black metal structure and natural wood accessories, extremely functional in the display of sportswear and casual clothing. In order to better show the sneakers on suspended plinths, white wall systems and colorful acrylic elements, produced by Arkengraf (a Company of Arken Group), have been used. The tailored counter combines the contemporary materials with the natural ones, such as wood. The strength of Arken, which has been producing and delivering finished shops for more than twenty years, is to foresee customers’ needs and provide a full service. Its experience and curiosity have led Arken to be the Partner of professionals in the realization of unique, trendy and recognizable stores.


We always do our best to meet all your needs. For any kind of information about the product that you are interested in, or more generally about our services, send us a message filling out the form.

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