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Pharmacy – Yoisho new line. Certified quality at the best price.

“Contamination” is the concept which inspired and guided the new Pharmacy Yoisho line. Yoisho is the shopfitting solution for Pharmacies and Herbalist’s Shops, which joins the modularity of traditional systems in retailing with high-end interior design. This new design confirms the trend to create warm and comfortable atmospheres.

We know how important it is for the customer to feel welcomed in his trusted Pharmacy. Furniture, lighting, choice of materials and visual, each element contributes to the perception of recognizable Formats, creating a strong bond between the client and the Pharmacy. We have wisely combined colours that recall nature. The setting is characterized by green vertical elements, which create a scenographic background giving a strong eco-friendly identity to the herbalist’s shop.

We designed the new Yoisho line after listening to our customers’ needs. The long work of our R&D department allowed the engineering of the products with the aim of containing costs without neglecting the attention to details. In addition to the already patented shopfitting system, born 25 years ago, we are now patenting different design systems according to Arken philosophy, focused on challenges, design and certifications of mainstream shopfitting lines.

The high level of customization is our key to tailor, according to one’s need the desired setting and create “MY Yoisho”.


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