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espositore plexiglass

New patented exhibitor!

Retail marketing paths in Arken-Pharmacies "Atmospheres" of pharmacies created by Arken Group are recognizable and customizable. We pay a lot of attention to details, without losing sight of the overall design and layout of the Pharmacy. With central Gondolas we offer a solution to our customers to influence shopping behaviour along the path to purchase inside the Pharmacy, taking advantage of the boring moment of the row as a marketing opportunity. We have studied and patented a design model for an innovative gondola...

Pharmacy – Yoisho new line. Certified quality at the best price.

"Contamination" is the concept which inspired and guided the new Pharmacy Yoisho line. Yoisho is the shopfitting solution for Pharmacies and Herbalist’s Shops, which joins the modularity of traditional systems in retailing with high-end interior design. This new design confirms the trend to create warm and comfortable atmospheres. We know how important it is for the customer to feel welcomed in his trusted Pharmacy. Furniture, lighting, choice of materials and visual, each element contributes to the perception of recognizable Formats, creating a...


"Atmospheres" is the innovative offer proposed by Arken Group, which proposes furnishing solutions for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies. The daily attention we pay to market demands has led us to the creation of two new collections: "Yoisho" and "Sumi". warm and welcoming the first, linear and rigorous the second. This opens new perspectives for experimentation and stylistic choices, able to satisfy the needs of each pharmacist. "Atmospheres" represents the plot on which to build its own idea of ​​pharmacy, reflecting Arken philosophy under...

arken boiserie

The elegance of the boiserie

[caption id="attachment_9398" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Arken realization[/caption] Warm light and bright colors characterize the spaces and welcome the customers though their shopping experience. Elegant and white boiserie delicately introduces the romantic mood of the store while the wallpaper, created by Arkengraf, highlights its innovative design. The atmosphere immerses our female clientele in a small and chic corner of paradise. The new store is able to fully meets the needs of a strong woman in constant motion thanks to the wide range of original clothes suitable...


With Arken's new line, you will find the right combination of versatility, beauty, and functionality. With the Cage metallic structure, you can optimize the showcase of your products because it can be easily modified to give shape and personality to your spaces. The versatility of the structure allows you to easily renovate and refresh the appearance of your shop. The illuminated logo embedded in the central panel gives elegance and emphasize the brand and gently captures the attention of your customer. The...

Support a creative project

A bold shopping experience for a young and ambitious brand. An innovative brand for young and dynamic people who love sneakers. The designer of a store often has to face such question: “Who carries on my project? “. Thanks to its productive flexibility and its latest investments on high machinery performance, Arken can follow closely architectural firms and design studios. “'I found that the people in this company are professional and listened to me while working in this project for my customer.'”,...